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How To Donate
How To Donate 11-18-2014, 10:10 AM (This post was last modified: 11-26-2016 10:57 PM by Mad_Fred.)
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Hello everyone,

To all readers who either play on the DD servers or participate in the community and wish to contribute in order to help us keep doing what we do -- we accept PayPal donations!
What might not be obvious to most, but is a major concern, is the cost associated with hosting game servers, website and voice communications server. The best way to keep all these afloat is to accept donations. We will be accepting donations from both members and non-members of our community. We will of course recognize those who have contributed on this forum site and any and all donations no matter how big or small, are equally appreciated.

Easy. Click on the below link and send a donation to the DD clan via our PayPal account. PayPal is a secure method of payment and requires the sender to open a free PayPal account prior to sending money.

Click on this link to set up your PayPal account and donate using our PayPal account address:

Alternatively, a direct donation can also be made by clicking on the donate button on the portal page.

And yet another option is to donate directly into the coffer at NFO where our servers are usually hosted by going here.
(This is our least favorite method though, since what is in the coffer can never be taken out again. If we would want to host a server elsewhere, that might be less ideal.)

Not to worry. We understand that some people may be apprehensive about the paypal account verification process.
You can skip the account verification by using your Credit Card or Debit Card to transfer funds.

IMPORTANT: Please include your name or nickname somewhere in the donation info so we know who is donating & who to acknowledge, also if you wish your donation to go towards a specific goal, like a game server we are running, please also include this in the donation notes. This way we can ensure the money you so kindly donate goes towards the desired goal as much as is possible.

If there are any questions, concerns, or reviews please direct them to any of our administrators on the website.
Kind regards, and thank you very much in advance, for any donations you might kindly make to help keep our community going!

The |DD| Administration Team
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